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  • Always find important emails

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Tracking 100+ million senders

Real-time tracking of sender behaviors. The filtering process analyzes the senders’ reputation.

Adds thousands of filters every day 

By laying down spam traps all across the globe, we figure out newly-occurring spam attacks and adapt accordingly, instantly.

Simple Quarantine

Always find important emails. A searchable quarantine stores every spam.


 " Satisfied with Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) effectiveness so far, since it has blocked more spam than any other solution we have used. Setting it up was no big deal at all. Try disabling the catch-all feature and expect no spam (at least that’s how it has been). You will find tons of simplistic guides to help you in your every step. As an agency which is forever caught up in things, we are really happy with this service. "

- Raul Hernandez



Easy Installation

The set up typically consumes less than 5 minutes. You can avoid the trouble of telling Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) which email addresses are valid on your domain. When your trial period starts, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) smartly learns about the valid addresses.

On-Point Accuracy

Most spam filters depend on algorithms. Spammers excel at going past this system. Unlike them, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses millions of rules, which are frequently updated and maintained by bots and boxers every minute of the day.

The Crux of Anti-Virus

Similar to other spam prevention systems, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses the leading virus detectors to filter viruses. Although these scanners discover viruses, we take no chance and have incorporated our own virus detectors. Patterns are strictly monitored and our detectors automatically block a new virus long before the usual anti-virus solutions have even been updated.

99% false positives

When a spam filter blocks a good email, it is considered as a “false positive”. The majority of spam prevention solutions auto-learns spam using automated systems. While this method is susceptible to errors, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses its rules to carefully detect real spam only.

Includes Quarantine Viewer

Instead of simply deleting blocked spams, all discovered spams are put inside an easy-to-use quarantine holder. You can check for important emails here, ensuring you never miss a good email. Additionally, you can set up individual quarantine for every user on your domain.

Cloud-Based Filter

We own and handle our cloud-based filter. Our filtering systems are geographically sundry and each customer domain is allocated to servers in diverse geographical locations. This ensures authentic email delivery you can rely on.

Reduced Price for Filtering an Entire Domain

Many other service providers ask for extra charges for each email address on your domain. Some even need you to separately subscribe for each alias on your domain. In the case of Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), ‘limit’ is not one of the services we offer.

30-Day Backup

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) offers a 30-day automatic mail spooling. Our system automatically retains your clean mails and holds on to them until your mail server is ready to function again.

Friendly and Intelligent Support

Our support team takes their work seriously. All support emails and queries are answered the same day by our 2nd level support team. In case of urgency, call our 1st level support personnel. They are available 24 hours.

Message Log Access

With our delivery logs, you can easily track down a clean message that has gone missing.

Our System Takes Resellers into Account

Our private label reseller program allows you to incorporate cloud-based spam prevention to your offerings. With just a few clicks, you can set up a control panel and customer mail quarantine with your own brand name. Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) lets you become a Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) for your customers.

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