Cloud-Based Filter that Allows You to Filter Spams with Ease

  • Ignore separate fees and get reseller benefits

  • Your own control panel and quarantine

  • Distributed spam prevention over the cloud

Prevent spam with your trademark filter

Set up a private label filter under just 5 minutes! Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) does not need to be told about each email address on your domain. We automatically learn about the validity of the email addresses on your domain during the trial period.

Humans do the filtering, not algorithms

Unlike the majority of spam prevention solutions, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) doesn’t rely on simple algorithms. Spammers can easily bypass such measures. We follow a rule-based system, featuring a plethora of rules which are well-maintained and continuously updated by humans and bots alike.

We don’t charge individual fees

Provide full support to your customers. We offer friendly discounts off per-domain expenses, ask for no extra cost and filter spam for unlimited email addresses. Our services also include quarantine user logins without limit.

Your satisfaction matters

When a clean email is blocked, it becomes a false positive. The process of auto-learning spam is likely to face errors. However, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses carefully crafted rules for maximum assurance of only blocking real spam.

Amazing Set of Features

It is very user-friendly

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) auto-detects the validity of email addresses. There is no need to train, install or configure anything.

More than 25 million filters

 An unbelievable set of filters analyze every single email. Each filter is minutely checked for its accuracy range.

Administered by experts

Our spam-tech team works 24 hours to build and test filter rules, resulting in steady filtering accuracy.

Realtime tracking of sender behavior

We track over 100 million senders and their behaviors in real time. The filtering procedure determines a sender’s reputation.

Daily addition of over 12,000 filters

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) detects and adapts to every new spam threat with the help of numerous spam detectors all over the world.

Outperforming the competition

Our false positives are rarer than other spam filtering systems, while our ability to detect spam is higher than most.

Spam Boxer’s list of benefits:
  • Blacklist/whitelist senders

  • Quarantine logins are unlimited

  • Email addresses are unlimited

  • Domain aliases are unlimited

  • Filter virus and malware

  • Forwards mails

  • Domain aliases are without limit

  • No contracts

  • TLS encryption

  • 5-day auto email bagging

  • 30-day email archiving

  • 24*7 monitoring

  • Automatic detection of email addresses

  • Distributed cloud-based technology

  • Quarantine reports are scheduled

  • Catch-all address

  • Every domain gets a 30-day free trial

  • Customer mail host monitoring and alert system

  • LDAP email address sync/ Active directory

  • Filtering policies throughout the domain

  • Group quarantine support

What’s under the hood?
  • Readying your private trademark user control panel is just a few clicks away.

  • You have complete administrative access over the users, allowing you to also determine what they should see.

  • Automatically detect the email addresses of your customers.

  • Users can review filtered spam with our private label quarantine program.

  • With the spam viewer, users can easily preview blocked mails without any risk.

  • Spam-free inboxes will have your customers to be grateful.