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Pre-Sales FAQ

Is the 30-day trial 100% free?

To add a Yes! Even if you add more domains to an already existing account, the 30-day trial period is fully free. We don’t need your payment information to begin. If the performance of Spam Boxer fails to impress you during the trial, you can simply choose to switch question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How effective is Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) ?

Surprisingly effective! Unlike many of our competitors, Spam Boxer uses real humans to update the filtering rulebook several times every day, making the blocking of new spams easy. Our 30-day free trial period is a small example of how confident we are about our service. You get a clear understanding of our capabilities without even spending a penny.

Are your services compatible with my mail server or e-mail software?

Since your mail server or computer does not have anything to install, Spam Boxer will function with virtually all mail servers and e-mail software.

How can Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) block my spam if there is nothing to install?

Upon sending an e-mail to your domain, the sending server inspects the MX record of your domain. This record highlights what mail server manages your e-mail to the world. When you subscribe to the services of Spam Boxer, you will alter the MX record of your domain so that it connects to our mail servers first, instead of the mail server of your domain. This step routes all your e-mail to our servers, where we will filter your e-mail and only forward the good mails to your original mail server.

How can the MX record be changed on my domain?

This is dependent on the user of your domain’s DNS records. Usually, it is your web hosting provider. You can forward the instructions we provide you with to your web hosting provider and they can use it to update the DNS records for you. In case you want to make the modification yourself, a lot of web hosting providers offer a control panel you can log in to and make the necessary changes. If DNS services are not provided for your domain by your web hosting provider, they can show you the way by telling you who does. In the event that your web host fails to help you, get in touch with us and we will assist you in getting this done.

I do not want my e-mail lost. Is your service reliable?

Subscribing to the Spam Boxer service significantly boosts the dependability of your e-mail service in the following manner:

  • In the event that your e-mail server goes down, your e-mail will be queued in our mail servers for up to 5 days, and automatically deliver your mail after your server is back online.
  • Three additional mail servers located in separate data centers are assigned to each domain we filter e-mail for.
  • Spam Boxer provides your domain with a free quarantine viewer, which will hold your blocked e-mail for at least 30 days. Although there is an immensely seldom scenario where we block a good mail, you can rest easy knowing that the quarantine viewer will store the message for you to release.

Will it be safe if the anti-virus solution is turned off on my computer?

While Spam Boxer will greatly lessen the viruses received via e-mail, we recommend you keep your anti-virus enabled. Why?

  • E-mail is not the only way through which viruses can attack your computer.
  • While it has been determined that our filtering solution is extremely effective in blocking viruses, it is better to have multiple layers of protection on your computer.

What size limit is applied to e-mails and attachments?

The maximum size for a message per e-mail is between 50 to 400 MB, based on your selected service plan. Check our Pricing & Features page for further information.

If my MX record is pointed to Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), will it affect the ability to delivery my outbound messages?

No. Your MX record routes to your inbound e-mail server and the outbound server commonly varies from your outbound server. Spam Boxer has never experienced anybody facing issues with their messages being blocked because their inbound (MX) server is different from the outbound server.
There is a typical misconception that issues in the ability to deliver can arise if you route your MX record to a server not the same as your outbound mail server. This delusion is the outcome of a process known as “reverse lookup”, which is followed by many e-mail servers. However, this process is against your outbound server’s IP address and has no connection with your inbound (MX) mail server. Reverse lookup’s purpose is to ascertain that the IP address from which you have sent your message routes to a hostname that reroutes to the same IP. By doing this, you affirm that you are not tricking them with your outbound server’s hostname.

Will receiving a large mailbomb bill me a million dollars?

Relax! Each customer is offered free protection from excessive billing spikes. Spam Boxer defends you against billing spikes beyond $20, over what was averaged by your domain for the past three billing cycles.

New Customer FAQ

How will Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service)understand what e-mail addresses on my domain are valid?

After the setup of your domain, we will accept e-mail sent to any address (aka “catch-all” feature) on the domain for the first 30 days. When a “good” message is received by us, we will deliver it to your domain and the address will be marked as one, from which we shall accept mail in the future.
Sign in to your control panel to review the recipients' e-mail addresses that we have detected until now. Do this by going to Settings> Email Recipients> Detected.
Also, you can make a list of all the valid e-mail addresses for your domain. You need to sign in to your control panel and go to Settings> Email Recipients> and click on the Add New button on the Approved tab.

Once my domain has been set up, how long will it take to start the filtering process?

When the setup for the domain is complete, the majority of users can usually notice a significant spam reduction within the first two hours. However, based on how the Internet functions, it can take around 72 hours for all mail servers across the world to start sending mail through our filter.

Can individual quarantine logins be set up for each of my users?

Yes. Set up a separate quarantine for your users so that they can review the spam sent to their address or addresses. The user logins for quarantine are limited to the Dashboard and the Quarantine. You can set up an individual quarantine for a user group to share (ken@ jay@ joey@ sales@). Also, users can acquire Quarantine Reports weekly, daily or hourly so that they review and accept quarantined mail right from their e-mail software.

Should the catch-all feature be turned off?

The “catch-all” feature automatically turns off after the initial 30 days by default. When the feature is enabled, our system will accept mail that is sent to any e-mail address on your domain. Spam Boxer enables this feature for the first 30 days post set up for us to automatically detect the validity of e-mail addresses on your domain. After the feature has been disabled, our system will accept only the mail sent to valid addresses. You can override this pattern by signing in to the control panel and using Settings> Catch-all. Beware! The domains with the catch-all feature enabled receive almost a hundred times more e-mail than they would by disabling the feature.Go through the list of e-mail addresses that we regard to be “valid” for your domain at any time. Sign in to your control panel and go to Settings> Email Recipients. You will find the “valid” e-mail addresses under the Approved and Detected tabs. Any mail sent to the addresses under the Invalid tab will be turned down and not counted against the total number of filtered messages. Warning: Upon receiving an e-mail that has at least one recipient listed that our system fails to recognize, the e-mail will be postponed initially. With this step, we secure your domain from including a list of invalid e-mail addresses as recipients in Spam Boxer because of a spammer’s dictionary attack. The mail servers of spammers typically avoid re-sending messages that do not deliver initially. Generally, this only results in a short delay of the mail as authentic sending e-mail servers tend to retry soon. In case the sending mail server is not configured to retry often, or a mail consists of several recipients not recognized by our system, this greylisting can result in delays in the delivery of e-mail until all valid e-mail recipients are recognized by our service.
By disabling the catch-all feature, the greylisting will also be automatically disabled. If you want to disable greylisting but leave the catch-all feature enabled, inform our support team for help. However, remember that keeping catch-all on while turning greylisting off may lead to a massive number of invalid e-mail addresses to be recognized as valid.

Can the filter be bypassed by spammers?

Unfortunately, although you have switched your MX records, some spammers will keep sending you spam directly to your server. To avoid this, make sure you read our article on how to prevent spam from getting around the filter. You do not need this step to use Spam Boxer, but it is still recommended.