Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), inc provides internet services (‘Services’) via its Action Web and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) services (cumulatively ‘Spam Boxer’, or ‘we’ or ‘us’) and affiliated websites (‘Websites’). This policy explains Spam Boxer’ (Anti Spam Software Service)collection of your personal information, the reason behind the collection and the way it is used. It applies to all kinds of information, personal and other data, which we collect from our Websites' users and visitors, as well as potential and present clients (‘Clients’).

Using or continuing to use our Websites and Services is your approval for the processing of your information within the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The data we collect

Personal data you provide

When you connect with Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) using our Websites or other methods, you may be asked to provide us with personal data that you may choose to provide. Some examples include, but are not restricted to, completing a survey, providing feedback, filling a web form to request added data about our services, commenting on a blog, or reaching us through a webchat. Also, we may collect personal data when you call us on the phone, send us an e-mail, message us using social media platforms, or any other methods you opt for communicating with us. Choosing to become our Client for any kind of service will require you to provide basic personal data on our control panels and order forms. Our Service control panels and order forms specify the information that is necessary or optional. During these interactions, we may collect the below-mentioned data about you or other members of your organization that you choose to provide:

Mailing address
E-mail addresses
Phone numbers
Account login credentials
Billing and Payment information
IP Address
Time zone

Customer support inquiries
Feedback, comments, notes, and testimonials that you may provide

Other data Clients store and process with us

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), as a service provider, processes and stores information (‘Client Controlled Data’) as instructed by its Clients. For instance, Spam Boxer’s (Anti Spam Software Service) service Clients configure the ‘MX records’ on domains controlled by them to direct email through the Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) service, so that their spam messages can be filtered out by us. Here is another example, our Action Web service clients control what emails and other content they store on our servers. The ability to control the Client Controlled Data we process and store for our Clients is restricted by the capabilities of their subscribed Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) Services, along with the subscribed Services’ associated Terms of Service, and laws applicable for the management of the information they control.

Website visitor information

During your visit to our Websites, the data of your visit is automatically logged by our web servers, which includes your operating system, browser type, IP address, your visited pages, geographic location, the length, time and date of your visit, the website that referred you, as well as any other information provided by your browser. When you e-mail us or visit our Websites and choose to provide additional personal data, we may use your IP address to link the added personal data to the website visitor data collected by us, which means your visited websites may not be anonymous to us. Read the ‘Cookies and third-party tracking technologies’ segment of this policy to know about the other methods we use to gather information about the website visitor.

How we use your data

The personal information we collect will only be used following the context it was collected unless you give us clear and specific agreement to use the information for other purposes beyond the original purpose of its collection.

To provide Clients with Services

The personal data our Clients provide directly (excluding Client Controlled Data as mentioned above) is used to offer Services, the bill for Services, Client support, offer information to Clients on using our Service, notify Clients regarding service offerings, enhance our Service, and inform Clients about issues with our service. Should Clients opt for providing added personal data beyond requirement, this data will be used only to improve the Client’s experience unless the Client gives consent to use the information for other purposes.

To convey communications to our Clients

If you are an Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) Client, we may get in touch with you occasionally about billing, information on new services offered by us, and problems related to your service. To stop getting these communications, you can either cancel your account with us or change the information of contact on your profile. Additionally, we allow customers to subscribe to optional communications that let them receive feature updates and status updates. Customers can use the client control panel to unsubscribe from these communications. Another convenient option for you to exclude yourself from certain Client notifications is by emailing a request to Depending on the types of Client communications you want to unsubscribe from, it may be necessary for us to halt all outbound communications with you to fulfill your request.

To communicate with prospective clients

Occasionally, we may get in touch with you about our service offerings, if you have requested the same. In case the communication we send to you through e-mail contains no unsubscribe link, you may simply request to opt-out. You may choose to discontinue phone calls or other communications by informing us about your disinterest. Or, you may

also e-mail a request to

to unsubscribe from these communications. It may take us up to 2 business days to remove you from our list of contacts and we request you to grant us the same.

Use of Client-provided Client Controlled Data

As we mentioned earlier, Client Controlled Data controlled by our clients is only used consistently within the instructions of our Clients and within the restrictions of their subscribed Terms of Service and Services. If requested, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) will provide a data processing appendix to Clients, one which is amenable with EU General Data Processing Regulations and revises the Terms of Service (or agreement) between the Client and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) and governs the processing of client data by Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service). In spite of whether clients opt for signing this appendix, Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) will follow the principles for data privacy protection as stated in the appendix when working as a data processor to manage data on its clients’ behalf.

To scrutinize and enhance our Services and Websites

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses website visitor data to trace the efficacy of our advertising, calculate levels of traffic to maintain appropriate server capacities, determine and prevent malicious accesses to our websites, and enhance the compatibility of the website with browsers and devices.

Third-party tracking technologies and cookies

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) uses the below-mentioned technologies to enhance our business and your experience:

Third-party tracking technologies – Sometimes, we may insert third-party tracking technologies in the pages of our website to track website visits. Cookies may also be used by these third parties. Third-party service providers help us understand our site visitors better and are not authorized to use the data collected by them on our behalf, apart from assisting us in the analysis of our site traffic and improving our business.

Cookies – If allowed by your browser, cookies are used by us to trace specific data about you and the status of your present site visit. Examples of data stored covers but is not restricted to, whether you are signed in as a customer, the source that referred you to our website, and the preferences selected by you. Parts of our service offerings and the website may require cookies to function properly.

Personal information disclosure

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) never disclose your personal information, apart from the following cases, to external parties:
For safety or legal reasons: The right to disclose your personal information is reserved with us if we have reason to believe that one of these conditions are met –
It is necessary to protect our rights
It is the interest of public safety, your safety, or our safety
To investigate fraud
We have a legal obligation to do so
In response to public authorities’ lawful requests, including to meet law enforcement or national security requirements

Acquisition or merger: In case if Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service)is involved in an acquisition or merger that necessitates us to pass on personal data to a new body, they will be limited by this same privacy policy terms concerning your personal data collected by us before the acquisition or merger.

Service providers: Also called sub-processors, these third-party service providers act as agents on behalf of us that help us in our business activities. We authorize these service providers to only use personal data that is required to provide us with services, and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) is liable to make sure that the equal level of protection is provided by them as this Privacy Policy. Following are the third-party service provider types and the purposes they serve –

Outsourced hosting. We host the majority of our Services on our own hardware, but there are times when we outsource some Service hostings that we offer to fulfill the requirements of our business and Clients.
Co-location facilities. Strict access controls are implemented on the secure data centers where our server hardware is co-located. Only under our direction are the data center personnel authorized to access our servers.
PCI compliant payment processors for processing Client payments.

CRM usable e-mail services. The main CRM email system is hosted by us. However, for backup, we store a backup copy of our e-mail with an e-mail provider.

Support vendors we outsource. When utilizing our phone support, Clients may be routed to a phone support vendor we outsourced. In this event, our outsourced support vendor’s staff members will have limited access to your account to help you with your requirements and can access accounts of Clients only when providing support. Auto-log for these accesses ensures that the terms of our data protection policies are met.

Deleting or updating your personal information

If you are an Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) Client, you can usually access a client control panel allowing you to modify, delete or update your personal data. In case you are not a Client or the data you want to delete or update is not available in the client control panel, you may e-mail a request to We reserve the right to deny the requests if the information in question is needed for our legal purposes or financial accounting, or where it violates the rights of other persons, or where the expense or burden of offering you access would be out of proportion to your privacy risks.

Additionally, our ability to handle your request is dependant on our ability to affirm your identity. The allowed requests require a reasonable amount of time to be processed. It normally takes 3 business days or lesser, but not more than 30 days. Our backups may still comprise of the original form of the data that is deleted or updated from our live databases. If one of our Clients has stored your personal information on our servers, where we only process the data and our Client is the data controller, your request will be forwarded to our Client by us. How our Client handles your request is subject to any contracts or terms of service you may have with them.

Security of data

To secure against unauthorized access to personal data, we have incorporated reasonable measures. Examples of the methods used by us are:

We train our employees on the tools and means used by us to protect your data.
We use both software and hardware firewalls to guard our servers against unauthorized access.
We use TLS and SSL encryption to transmit personal information.

Protection of children

All our Services and Websites are directed to people of the age 13 or above. In agreement with the COPPA requirements (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), we will unintentionally collect data from people under the age of 13.

Third-Party website links

Third-party website links are included on our Websites. These external websites consist of their independent and separate privacy policies. Therefore, we are not liable or responsible for the activities and content of the linked sites. However, we strive to protect our site’s integrity and any feedback about such websites are welcome.

Privacy Shield notice

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), inc. and it’s Action Web and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) services comply with the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as established by the U.S. Department of Commerce about the retention, collection and use of personal data transferred from Switzerland and the European Union to the United States.

Privacy Principles

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), inc. and it’s Action Web and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) services have certified to the Department of Commerce that it abides by the Privacy Shield Principles. In case of conflict between the Privacy Shield Principles and the privacy policy, it will be governed by the Privacy Shield Principles. To view our certification and learn further about the Privacy Shield Program, please visit We comply with every Privacy Shield Principles, including the principles of Security, Choice, Notice, Access, Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation, Accountability for Onward Transfers, Recourse, Enforcement, and Liability. They are described below –


Proper and reasonable steps are taken by us to preserve personal information from loss, destruction, disclosure, alteration, unauthorized access and misuse. Visit the policy’s “Data Security” section for more information.


We will not sell or share your personal information with third parties except as required and described in the section of “Disclosure of personal information” of this policy. We provide individuals with the opportunity to choose by either opting out or offering consent prior to the disclosure of personal information to an external party or in case the data is used for purposes that vary from the original purpose of its collection. Individuals are offered readily available, visible and clear mechanisms to use their choice. The information which the Privacy Shield principles consider to be sensitive is currently not collected by us. If we decide to do so later, we will acquire approval from individuals if the data is to be disclosed to a third party or used for another purpose than the original basis of its collection. Also, we will treat any personal information obtained from a third party as sensitive where the third party determines and treats it the same.


This privacy policy’s purpose is to notify and inform people about our duties and their rights following the Privacy Shield framework. Individuals are notified about this Privacy Policy when they are first asked to provide personal data or as soon as is practicable thereafter. Nonetheless, we will provide notice of our Privacy Policy before using or disclosing information to a third party for a purpose other than its original basis of processing or collection. The Client will be accountable for giving the proper choices and notices for personal data which is controlled by them, when we process Client Controlled Data on our Clients’ behalf.


Every individual has the right to know about the kind of personal data we are storing about them and to make sure it is relevant and accurate for the purpose of its collection. By sending us a request, we can offer you access to the personal data we store about you and will follow a reasonable procedure to provide you with access to delete, modify or correct data that is incorrect, or has been recognized to violate the Privacy Shield Principles, based on the restrictions outlined in the policy’s “Updating or deleting your personal information” section.

Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation

The collected personal information is limited to the point where it is relevant to our business, and we use personal information in a manner that has been authorized by the individual subsequently or is in tune with the purposes behind its collection. We take the necessary reasonable measures to make sure that the personal data is current, accurate, complete and reliable for the purpose it is intended for. We keep personal data only for as long as required to process, or there is another approved purpose or for statistical analysis.

Recourse, Enforcement, and Liability

We commit ourselves to resolve your complaints about our use of your personal data or your privacy. In case of a complaint, please reach us via email at or by following one of these methods –
Through the Postal Service:

Spam Boxer Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service)  by Dawar Creativity
F-76 First Floor, Sushant Lok - 2

Near Hong Kong Bazaar
Sector 57, Gurugram

By speaking with a member of our Spam Boxer Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) support team:
+91 9911321555

If you reside in Switzerland or the EU/EEA and have a complaint unresolved from our side, you may get in touch with data protection authorities –

Switzerland residents may reach the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.
Residents of the EU/EEA may reach the EU Data Protection Authorities. For further information, visit the European Commission Website.

In the event that your queries are unresolved even after contacting us and one of the authorities above (if applicable), you may have the right to require Spam Boxer  (Anti Spam Software Service) to enter into binding negotiation under the Privacy Shield Panel. Visit the Privacy Shield website for further information.

EU General Data Protection Regulation Representative

Following Article 27 of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPR Group has been appointed by Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) as its GDPR representative in the EU. In addition to Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service), one can contact DPR Group in matters concerning our compliance to the GDPR in the below-mentioned manners –

Mailing your query to DPR Group, Phoenix House, Monahan Road, Cork, T12H1XY, Republic of Ireland
E-mailing at data quoting <Spam> in the subject line.

Other Terms and Conditions

The services Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) offers via its Action Web and Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) services depend on the Terms of Service and privacy policy linked with the services offered.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to change periodically. The effective date at the top of this policy will be updated when the last change to this policy was made. Should you choose to continue using our services and website, you agree to this privacy policy and the modifications made to it.

Queries and Concerns

In the case of comments, concerns or questions related to this policy, you may send an e-mail at It usually takes 2 business days for you to receive a prompt response. You may also choose to reach us using the following information –

Through the Postal Service:

Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) by Dawar Creativity
F-76 First Floor, Sushant Lok - 2

Near Hong Kong Bazaar
Sector 57, Gurugram

By speaking with a member of our Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) support team:
+91 9911321555