Reseller Program Introduction

Welcome to the Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) Private Label Reseller Program. This program will enable you to sell professional spam filtering services to your customers under your own brand.

Feature overview:

  • Professional spam filtering, with your own branding

  • Private label quarantine and control panel

  • Free, unlimited quarantine user logins for your customers

  • Full administrative control over your customer accounts

  • Ability to use your own domain, or sub-domain, for your Private Label Website

  • Examples: Joe,

  • Whitelabel MX records for your customers (e.g.

  • Pay as you go pricing, no contracts or long-term commitments required


Features - The Private Label version of the Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) control panel is nearly identical to the retail version (minus the Spam Boxer branding).

Pricing - Those that sign up now will have access to the reseller program at no extra charge (forever). Existing and new subscriptions that are added to your reseller account will be billed at the reseller price (which is currently the same pricing you enjoy as a retail customer). In the future, we anticipate that current pricing will only be available to resellers, and rates for retail customers will increase.

Private labeled email notices - Our system will send emails to your customers "From" you. During the registration/setup process you will be able to choose what 'name' and 'email address' these messages will be sent "From". The header of each email will display the same branding as your private label website (e.g. logo, organization name and slogan). Initially the system will only send emails when absolutely necessary. Examples include, password retrieval and new user 'set your password' messages. For now, the system will continue to send the standard 'retail' email messages to you (the reseller) with Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) branding. Feel free to adapt those messages and forward them to your customer as you see fit. Currently there are no options to change or preview the content of the emails that Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) sends to your customers.

End-User support - As a reseller it is your responsibility to provide technical assistance to your clients. If your client contacts Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service) directly for technical support they will be referred back to your Organization's email address, which you will provide during the registration process.

Activation Process - Your account and quarantine logins for the Spam Boxer (Anti Spam Software Service)control panel will continue to function as before. After your reseller account is active you will be able to set up logins for your customers on your private labeled control panel and we encourage you to do so. Quarantine user logins that are created from within your private labeled control panel are free.