" We are a small family firm who were drowning in Spam. We did some research with the help of Google as to what types of spam screening systems were available. We needed something that would intercept the rubbish before it downloaded in to our smartphones. There were a few options out there but Spam Boxer kept coming back with the best reviews. I was able to get a months trial to see if it was for us and after a week there was no turning back. We are delighted with the ease of use and the virtual elimination of rubbish emails. " 

- Raul Hernandez

We have been an avid user of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection. All of a sudden, it stopped working properly and was unable to deliver through our firewall. Since it put us in a tight spot, we hurriedly opted for Spam Boxer and wow; we didn’t make waste through haste. Spam Boxer is much cheaper and does exactly what we need it to. Goodbye spam. An additional feature we love is the ability to check our statistics. You guys are awesome!


- Yon Ji Hoon


Okay, here is what I have to say. I have used more than two anti-spam systems to cut down on nonsensical mails and you are my third, SpamBoxer. The other services often had me tweak this and that to achieve what I now think was pretty less. Since I had already moved to a new measure, I wasn’t sure if I should try further. I mean...I have what I have. Call it luck or whatever, I stumbled upon you boxers and I am damned. Let me just be direct...I read quite a few good reviews which mentioned the kind of service I expect from an anti-spamming application. Instead of those thousand useless emails every week, I have discovered only 3 this time (It’s been 4 weeks since I’m using it). Simply put, I think the already affordable price is properly justified.

-Ken Spectre


Secure, cost-effective and easy to use. I should have discovered you a year ago.

- Chirag Singh

Just like any other school, we want the children to understand their responsibilities and keep away from the wrong things. We simply cannot have them receive improper emails that can take them down the wrong path. We have been using various solutions that can block spammy emails offering tempting content to the kids, but none was perfect. After a lot of discussion with the authorities, we decided to try you out Spam Boxer, and you did not disappoint us. Nobody is perfect but you have not only tightened spam security but also saved us from unnecessary expenses time and time again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 -Hugo Bowie

My husband was losing his mind from all the spam that piled up in his system. He had tried multiple times to take measures but nothing seemed to work. However, Spam Boxer, you guys did it for us. We manage our little family domain and we honestly don’t do too well with computers. Your service is amazing and we managed to configure it without too much hassle. From nearly 100 spams a day to (maybe) 1, I think you guys do a fine job for laymen like us. Best wishes for your business!

- Neeta Agarwal